Unfit For Anyone

Dana White, current President of the UFC, has stated in the past that:

"This is a business and, uh, not everyone is going to agree with, you know, a decision that I make or something that I want them to do. But, I’m the fucking boss man. Period. It is what it is, you know." http://youtu.be/YlNiGLsQWsw

Dana White, a UFC commentator, and two UFC fighters have made the following anti-gay and and anti-women statements:

"Whoever gave you that quote is a pussy and a fucking faggot." http://www.youtube.com/embed/-Pq-1Rl-ggU

"Hey, you’re the one with the fucking gay-colored phone. Don’t be fucking with me." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8V_QxS_LsE&feature=related

UFC light heavyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson repeatedly urged Japanese fans to repeat an anti-gay slur. The fans, who do not appear to understand English, repeated the anti-gay slur at Jackson’s urging. In one video, Jackson instructed a Japanese man to say, “Goodbye, I want you to piss on my face." We have been unable to find evidence that Jackson was disciplined by the UFC or Dana White for this conduct.

Joe Rogan, who does commentary for televised UFC events, recently referred to an MMA blogger as a part of the female anatomy. According to sportswriter Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports, Rogan then wrote on a blog, “Never did I imagine that so many people would get their panties in a bunch about the use of the word [expletive] to describe a female blogger.” Iole also reported that Rogan described his word-choice as unfortunate and that he viewed the word referring to a part of the female anatomy as “just another word for bitchy.”

In a recent UFC promotional video, Michael Bisping, a UFC middleweight fighter and coach on the reality television show “The Ultimate Fighter,” screamed an anti-gay slur at his opponent.

Also, learn about Abu Dhabi and Deutsche Bank here.


  1. This is pathetic.
    The UFC is taking over, deal with it.

  2. These are all stupid things people said, but I hardly think any of it is notable enough to post a web site. What is this, geocities?

    I heard the sponsors have an unrelated lawsuit with UFC owners regarding another business venture... HMMMMmmm, I guess that explains why it is worth posting this even though it is so thin.

    1. Yep, your right the Culinary Union is using this group as a puppet to destroy the image of the Ferttita's other businesses because of a dispute.

  3. A website listing the attacks, slurs and threats made by many of the unions in this country would make the UFC look like a church social.

  4. I agree with you in some points but the parents should be more observant on what the kids are watching. We can actually prevent this. The sport is targeted to guys obviously.

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  5. You are absolutely correct David. Parents intervention in all aspects of a child's life would minimize the overwhelming political correctness we are dealing with now.

  6. I work in a factory with 600 employees, and some of the things that come out of some of my coworkers mouths are unbelieveable. There are hundreds of UFC fighters. For the most part, they are very respectful, very professional, and most of all, great role models. A handful of them have said something dumb here and there, and now its under a microscope on this biased view. These are professional athletes, and they ARE held accountable for what they say, and when they make these mistakes, it hurts their reputation in the sport (MMA), it doesn't glorify it. Thats common sense. I suggest before you go bashing the sport, you educate yourself on it.

  7. The owner calls a female reporter a "f***en bitch" enough said.

  8. Thank you for the hilarious site!!!!. Culinary Union: your country is at war and dead bodies are all over the 6 o'clock news...but thankyou for letting me know that some UFC employee has said something naughty LOL. I reckon the alcohol and gambling your members profit from causes more damage than Joe Rogan calling someone a 'cunt' - just saying :-)

  9. wow really its a sport uhhh you are just standing in the way of progress you will lose trust me

  10. Clearly some of the Culinary Union's members have way too much money and time on their hands. This website is pathetic. Try getting a real job, fellas.

  11. The James BruceMay 9, 2012 at 6:28 AM

    News flash the rampage video was from when he was in Japan over 5 years ago when he was fighting for a completely different company. If anything this is more Local 226 propaganda, how can you connect Rampages actions in Japan when he was fighting for PRIDE and not UFC? How can the UFC first off discipline someone for something past? That's like you're mom grounding you 20 years later for stealing 20 bucks from her. Secondly Rampage is no longer in the UFC because of his actions...