Like we said: UFC is not ready for prime time

Forrest Griffin's Jokes About Rape Demand UFC Action:
“Yes, if you're going to reward them for the things they say, you can also hold them accountable for the same.”

UFC: Forrest Griffin Picks the Worst Time To Cause Attention over Tweeting:
“The UFC and Dana White will probably respond with their usual "how can we control what fighters say" line. The fact is the UFC needs to step up their policy on fighters and twitter.”

Why Forrest Griffin Should be Punished For His Rape Joke:
“Whether Forrest likes it or not, he has responsibilities as an athlete, and a former champion no less. Dana White would do well to remind him of those responsibilities while Zuffa's adventure into the larger public spotlight looms.”

Will Dana White do the right thing and hold Forrest Griffin accountable?


  1. Forrest Griffin Apologizes, Makes Donation to Rape Crisis Center Following Offensive Tweet:

  2. If I remember correctly Forrest Griffin also apologized on his own and made the donations without any influence or recommendation by the UFC.

  3. You guys need to get your stuff straight , forrest grifen apologized and made donations plus , plus he is responsible for his actions by the athletic comisson not the ufc , he may fight for the ufc but they cant control what he says , the ufc is not the reason for anit-gays, and violence its kids not being taught the right from wrong cant hide behind or blame the ufc for it

  4. Do I endorse rape? Hell No! I do believe that all sex offenders should have thier nuts cut off with a rusty knife and no pain killers then set on fire. With that being said, that tweet was kinda funny. Maybe because I'm from a warrior culture that doesn't get offended by stuff like that. I'm a father and I love kids. I think they are one of the few blessings left on this rock we live on. That doesn't mean don't find humor in telling "Dead Baby" jokes with my squad between missions. This whole site is a joke. Another attempt of the "pussification" of America.