A Cage Fighting Christmas?


Update 6:
Vimeo has restored our video, too!

Update 5:
YouTube has restored our video after we filed a DMCA counter-notification and Zuffa did not act!

Update 4:
You can't watch the above video on YouTube or Vimeo now. But you can still watch it here: link

Update 3:
Watch the video on vimeo:

Update 2:
You can't watch the above video on YouTube now. But you can watch it here: link

YouTube has made our video unavailable to the public because Zuffa LLC made a copyright claim against it. Our video was made to show that UFC is unfit for children.

If you want to see the blood, gore and violence that makes UFC unfit for children, go to the following videos:



  1. I have no problem with fighting, in high school and the Army I boxed and had a good time doing so (mostly) but this is NOT what I wish my children to learn. This goes beyond a sport, its brutality, its a cock fight without the feathers and only a part of the brains.

    1. YOU sir Are stuck in the past please get educated for the good of the country

  2. You are misinformed if you believe that is a true representation of the UFC, what it stands for and why it's entertaining to anyone with an IQ above 80. Seriously, do some research please if you're going to attck something.


    The Educated Majority

  3. UFC is a sport. Anyone in the sport who is anyone is of the utmost discipline and respect. There is no other sport that shows this to this spectrum.
    I let my kids watch while explaining this to them.It isn't remotely as bad as what you see on the news,hockey highlights,or in some schools. I fully expect my comment to be stricken in the very same fashion that you are complaining about here. MIKE HANLEY SR.

  4. Yes, everybody sign a petition so Toys R Us can do your parenting for you.

  5. If you wished to buy your child a toy, would you appreciate it if other parents stopped you at the door, or petitioned the store to stop buying that toy on your behalf? It is a perfectly fine and understandable position to not want to expose your children to this product. I am a fan of MMA and UFC and would not want my young children to view it until they were made to understand the proper context of trained athletes competing in state sanctioned events with rules. In the USA, it is not anyone's place to tell anyone else how to raise their children. I encourage you to not purchase these if you don't want them, even encourage your friends not to, but Toys R Us is exercising their free business rights, leave them alone.

  6. This website is the biggest collaboration of uneducated, biased, straw man-ridden non sense I've ever seen. An utter joke.

  7. No shit, a combat sport with violence and blood. If you have a moral objection to it, don't watch it and don't let your kids watch it and let them play with bubble wrap.

    The UFC is growing and giving people jobs and creating tax revenue. Stop trying to hound them out of town. How about you stop wasting your workers' money on pointless irrelevent shit like this just to pursue a vendetta, you crony fascist fucks?

  8. Get educated about the sport then comment otherwise don't watch it. Tell your kids not to watch it if thats what you want to do and if they end up watching it then you need to work on your fucking parenting skills.

  9. I'd like to kack that mom in the video. maybe get in her gaurd

  10. my son watches ufc with me. but, i am a good parent and keep him disciplined. only a stupid parent would let their kid get wrongly influenced by this SPORT

  11. You are ridiculous to believe that one combat sport is ok to be exposed to yet another isn't. The sport is far from a "human cock fight" like ignorant people like you think. I suppose hockey is good for kids to watch even though they fight on a regular basis despite that not being part of the game. Get real and educate yourself instead of just agreeing with some biased website that is only creating this to TRY and hurt the owners due to their dispute with the Culinary Union.

  12. I bought my son one now he love to exercise and be active thank you Ultimate Fighting Championship

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