The Culinary Union Has Uncovered Some Disturbing Facts About "UFC on FOX 5"

" they’ve uncovered some information about undercard fighter and debuting UFC lightweight Abel “Killa” Trujillo that is simply too glaring to overlook"
"...Or should an organization that showcases violence on as grand a scale as the UFC tread a little more lightly when dealing with the kind of fighters that could soil the name they’ve worked so hard to build and protect?"

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  1. You guys do realize that Cagepotato think you are absolute garbage, right? As they should. Quit blocking New York from sanctioning MMA just because you have a beef with the Fertittas, you douchebags.

  2. Why does a culinary union have so much hate for the ufc there's worse things out there nice hate site

  3. And the first line of the article is :"Words cannot express how much we dislike the group of two-faced, propaganda pushing arseholes that are The Culinary Union (although we sure do try)"
    You people are clown shoes, go shake down a bus boy for his dues.

  4. The decision by the Marine Corps follows months of outrage and media attention.