New York's better than that

From the Editorial Board of the Albany, N.Y. Times Union:
"... If money is the ultimate guide, the Legislature’s latest rematch in the fight to lift the ban on mixed martial arts might be expanded.
So why not legalize, oh, bullfighting? In Mexico, after all, about 1 million jobs are said to be at least indirectly linked to that repulsive sport. In Spain, some 65 million people a year attend bullfights. Think of the money they’re spending, in bullrings and other venues.
Or what about bringing back an entertainment with a history in Albany: cockfighting? If this is all about money, you can’t argue the fact that there used to be a lot of cash changing hands when those bouts were legal. ... "

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  1. Actually, your argument here does not work: the UFC involves fighting between consenting adults, which cannot be compared to cock fighting.
    It's not only about money either: Many people actually want to watch it. I am a union person who likes to watch MMA. I most probably don't like some of the stuff others enjoy, but i don't stop them from doing or enjoying their hobbies(assuming it is legal).