UFC President Dana White has made the following homophobic statements:

  • "You don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about and to write a story that says, `Oh, and here’s a quote from a guy who wanted to remain anonymous because of fear of repercussions from the,' shut the fuck up! Any fucking guy that won’t put his name on it, first of all, whoever gave you that quote is a pussy and a fucking faggot and a fucking liar and everything else, whoever gave you that quote." 
  • “Hey, you’re the one with the fucking gay-colored phone. Don’t be fucking with me.” 
UFC fighters have made the following homophobic statements:
  • In the YouTube video, called “How To Pick Up a Gurl – Fast,” Rampage Jackson attempts to rape a woman in a parking garage.  Before attacking his target, Rampage instructs viewers to use chloroform as “something to help her relax” and zip ties.  The UFC fighter explains, “I like this parking lot because my cousin work for the security company so I know the cameras are gonna be out of service right now.” As Rampage stalks his victim, he comments, “And I hope she got low self-esteem.” To our knowledge, the UFC has not issued an official statement, fined, or suspended Jackson for the video.
  • UFC light heavyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson repeatedly urged Japanese fans to repeat an anti-gay slur. The fans, who do not appear to understand English, repeated the anti-gay slur at Jackson’s urging. In one video, Jackson instructed a Japanese man to say, “Goodbye, I want you to piss on my face." We have been unable to find evidence that Jackson was disciplined by the UFC or Dana White for this conduct.
  • According to the Los Angeles Times, “Rampage” Jackson also shouted “every conceivable gay slur” at a movie crew member of “The A-Team” who had called him a homophobic epithet. He was also quoted in the article saying, “Acting is kind of gay. It makes you soft.” 
  • In a video UFC posted on YouTube, Michael Bisping, a UFC middleweight fighter and coach on the reality television show “The Ultimate Fighter,” screamed an anti-gay slur at his opponent.
  • In a media conference call, Bisping said that his opponent on “The Ultimate Fighter” had a “gay chiropractor” on his staff.


  1. It’s disgusting that you are using the guise of homosexual equality in an attempt to unionize Station Casinos, and evidently receive money from them. If you really wanted to fight for LGBT rights you would be attack everyone who has committed these infractions, not simply the UFC.

    You clearly want the Fertittas to bend to your demands. How do you do that? By smearing the image of their most public asset. What asset is that? The UFC.

    If Station Casinos unionized tomorrow, this site would be down the next day. It is shameful and morally reprehensible that you are using the fight for LGBT rights as subterfuge for your actual goal: establishing a union with Station, a company that is not affiliated with the UFC aside from its ownership.

  2. dana white & most of these fighters are jackasses, ill agree. but SOME actually do have class, like george st pierre. ive never heard him curse or say one ill word about his opponent. he is humble & respectful & always shows good sportsmanship, which is rare in any sport nowadays. while you're at it, why dont you go dig up some dirt on the nfl??? or nba? THATS a bunch i would not want MY kid following in their footsteps! drugs, rape, steroids, dui, not to mention the unsportsamn-like conduct.

  3. yea, cuz we all know the nfl is not anti-gay or homophobic at all!...

  4. Man the culinary union will do/say anything to try and put their hands in the UFC cookie jar. Stop spending millions of union member dollars bashing those who don't want your "help."

  5. LOL - this site is hilarious! I'm a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts but I agree Dana White is a scumbag and a wannabe mobster.