UFC Fighters have made the following statements:
  • In the YouTube video, called “How To Pick Up a Gurl – Fast,” Rampage Jackson attempts to rape a woman in a parking garage.  Before attacking his target, Rampage instructs viewers to use chloroform as “something to help her relax” and zip ties.  The UFC fighter explains, “I like this parking lot because my cousin work for the security company so I know the cameras are gonna be out of service right now.” As Rampage stalks his victim, he comments, “And I hope she got low self-esteem.
  •  UFC fighter Forrest Griffin has tweeted the following comments: 
  •  In a Dutch video posted in late January 2012, a group of men time how long it takes for UFC fighter Alistair Overeem to unfasten the bras of seven women wearing animal masks to cover their faces, while he holds a beer in one hand.  Earlier in the year, Overeem was charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly shoving a woman in the face at a Las Vegas casino. In March, Overeem was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and to undergo anger management counseling.

  • Former bantamweight fighter Miguel Torres was briefly released by the UFC in December 2011 after he posted the following comment on his Twitter account: “If a rape van was called a surprise van more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them.”  Only days before, he had tweeted out the following:

    Torres was reinstated by the UFC less than a month later after he apologized for the rape tweet and made donations to several rape crisis centers.  After losing a fight in April 2012, he tweeted the following:
    The UFC released him again in August, when Torres signed on with another promotion company

  • In July 2008, video footage was uploaded of Rampage positioning himself behind a female Japanese reporter, placing his hand on her thigh, and dry humping her.  When she moves away from him, he follows her and grabs her leg.  

  • On March 3rd, 2012, UFC Bantamweight fighter Bryan Caraway, tweeted the following statements about Ronda Rousey: “Ronda [is] an unintelligent bimbo,” “if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth dwn [sic] her throat the [sic] break her arm!,” “She gonna talk smack she needs to know her place,” and “[…] she not a women [sic].  She gonna act like a dude she can deal w the consequences."
  • In late May 2011, when being interviewed by MMA Heat host Karyn Bryant, Rampage replied that she’s “Jamaican me horny” in response to her statement that she was Jamaican, black and white.  He also commented that he wanted to motorboat her and simulated the act, although he did not touch her.

  • In November 2011, UFC light heavyweight fighter Forrest Griffin wrote on Twitter that “Rape is the new missionary.”  According to The Huffington Post, Griffin responded to a woman’s objections to the tweet by telling her, "Keep it to yourself nobody cares."  Griffin apologized for the rape tweet and made a donation to a rape crisis center.
  • In June 2009, Rampage, in the middle of an interview, holds Cage Potato reporter Heather Nichols against him, and dry humps her for a full 37 seconds.  He continues to hold her after she attempts to end the interview, and does not let her go until a man walks up to Rampage and taps him on the shoulder a few seconds after the interview ends.  

UFC President Dana White has made the following misogynistic statements:
  • Dana White wrote the following to Jenna Jameson, partner of retired UFC fighter Tito Ortiz, on Twitter: 
  • In a video uploaded on March 12, 2008, UFC President Dana White delivers a talk to participants of The Ultimate Fighter about being a UFC fighter: “It’s not all, fucking, you know, signing autographs and banging broads when you get outta here.  It’s not.  It’s no fucking fun man, it’s a job.  Just like any other job.  Being a fighter isn’t all fucking girls and signing autographs. It’s fucking hard work.”
  • In a 3-minute expletive-filled rant to Sherdog journalist Loretta Hunt, UFC President Dana White says the following: “Shut the fuck up! Any fucking guy that won’t put his name on it, first of all, whoever gave you that quote is a pussy and a fucking faggot and a fucking liar and everything else, whoever gave you that quote.”  A minute later he says, “I mean, how do you write a story from a guy who fucking it’s like, hey it’s like in an interview where they fucking like put a black thing over the guy’s face and change his voice and shit, you fucking dumb bitch. Fuck you, Loretta Hunt!” "Hey Loretta, if you’re going to write a story, you fucking moron, at least make sure it’s fucking true and you have some facts and if you’re going to put some fucking quotes in there, get some quotes from people who at least have the fucking balls to put their fucking name on it." 
  • “Jake Rossen, what he likes to do is, he likes to write bullshit stories smashing MMA and MMA writers so that you the fans will go on there and talk about it for a long time. Typical, fucking, you know, douchebag reporter. Jake Rossen, go fuck yourself.”  "That’s what he does? Then what the, then what the, then what the fuck do you employ this guy for? He argues about how big the sport will be, that’s what he does? What a fucking douchebag!"

Other UFC representatives:
  • In an Anheuser-Busch InBev commercial for Bud Light Lime and UFC 132, dubbed “The Ultimate Fantasy,” Arianny Celeste, the UFC’s “Octagon Girl,” is featured topless, rolling in a pit of limes delivering lines such as “I like it physical,” “I love a good submission,” “I like it when you get right down to it,” and “I like a guy who can go more than one round—know what I’m saying?”


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  6. I've shown this to numerous women who laugh at Rampage Jackson's video and are unaffected by the related articles regarding the UFC. If it wasn't the UFC it would be some other organization. People just gripe to stir up problems. Now, you focus on the female related material from various fighters and Dana White. Find something better to do with your lives. If everyone in the world was held accountable for their words at every point in their lives... the world would be nothing but courtrooms and jail cells. I've been watching UFC since before it was legalized as an official sport. I have never raped a woman. Weird huh? Grow up and stop adding to the drama that is called the Internet.

  7. That Overeem segment was hilarious